Why support the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association?

In a major address to the National Sheriffs’ Association in 1984, President Ronald Reagan said:

“Thank you for standing up for this nation’s dream of personal freedom under the rule of law. Thank you for standing against those who would transform that dream into a nightmare of wrongdoing and lawlessness. And thank you for your service to your communities, to your country, and to the cause of the law and justice.”

When you support the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association, you join the critical mission of preserving peace for our communities. Your gift to the Association will support:

  1. The preservation of the Constitutional Office of Sheriff.
  2. Crime prevention and awareness programs and initiatives.
  3. C.H.A.M.P.S. Program, which provides elementary school children special in-class curricula concerning healthy, drug free, non-violent, and other activities promoting safety.
  4. Limited death benefits for all Georgia sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, jail officers and other sheriffs’ staff killed in the line of duty or while at work.
  5. The Association’s specialized training and education programs.
  6. Development of model operating procedures for sheriffs’ offices.
  7. Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes, which provides a safe home environment for abused, abandoned and neglected children.

Today, generous support from friends across the state has helped the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association become one of the most widely respected, effective organizations in our state. Your contribution ensures we can continue helping protect lives and property by strengthening relations and cooperation between
Georgia citizens and the Office of Sheriff.group_shot

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