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Most Recent Updates

11th Circuit Non-Government Actors & 4th Amd May 2018
11th Circuit Discuss Use of Force During Search April 2018
11th Circuit No 4th Amd Violation for Shooting April 2018
11th Circuit Reasonable Stop on Description April 2018
GA Supreme Court Recording of Sex Act April 2018
GA Court Suppresses Evidence Suspect Fled March 2018
11th Circuit Upholds Warrantless Search of Parolee February 2018
GA Supreme Court Anti Mask Statute State V Miller2 February 2018
11th Circuit Upholds Immunity in Excessive Force Suit 10 2017
Sufficiency of an Investigation and 4th Amendment May 2017
11th Circuit Discusses Pedestrian Stops, Arrests and Use of Force May 2017
11th Circuit MH Committals & 4th Amendment April 2017
Warrantless Home Entry & the 4th Amendment 03 2017
Armed & Dangerous Standard for a Lawful Risk 03 2017
11th Circuit Sheriffs Major Denied Immunity Feb. 2017
4th Amendment not violated during Stop & Frisk Feb. 2017
Auto Exception Apply if on Curtilage #1 Jan 2017
Auto Exception Apply if on Curtilage #2 Jan 2017.pdf
PD Social Media Policy Unconstitutional Jan 2017
Private Searches and Expectation of Privacy GA Jan 2017
US Supreme Court & Provocation Theory Jan 2017
US Supreme Court Appeal in Arrest Lawsuit Jan 2017
US Supreme Court Clarifies Clearly Estbl. Law Jan 2017
US Supreme Court Holds Officers Immune for Shooting Jan 2017
Warrantless Blood Draw of DUI Suspect Jan 2017
Failure to Provide Medical Care Dec. 2016.pdf
11th Circuit False Arrest and Municipal Liability Nov 2016
11th Circuit Holds Home Entry Unreasonable Nov 2016
11th Circuit Probable Cause and 1st Amendment Oct 2016
GA Court Defines Authority of Bail Bondsman Sept 2016
11th Circuit Search Incident and Civil Arrest Sept 2016
GA Court Upholds Probation Search and 4th Amendment July 2016
GA Supreme Court Traffic Arrests Outside Jurisdiction July 2016
US Supreme Court Distinguishes Breath Test from Blood Test June 2016
Ofc Acted Resonable in Shooting in DV kenning_v_carli May 2016
Use of Force Taser on Person of Diminished Capacity US Appeals perea_v_baca May 2016
Search of Luggage after Canine Alerts on Bus 11th Circuit May 2016
Court Holds Knock & Talk Valid Despite No Trespassing 11 Circuit _us_v_carloss April 2016
Warrantless Pre-Trial Search Upheld Castillo vs US April 2016
Stop of Resident in Apt Complex Upheld Sims v State 03 2016
Tips from Known but New Informant & Reasonable Suspicion US v Brown 11th Circuit 03 2016
Post-Taser Confession Wait an Hour 02 2016
Jail Staff and Pre-Trial Medical Needs 02 2016
14th Amendment & Abuse of Students Domingo_v_Kowalski 02 2016
Biased Based Reports 02 2016
Inmate Mail to Attorney Read by DO _williams_v_russo 01 2016
Limitations on Taser Use and Limited Capacity Persons US Appeals 01 2016
Research on Predicting Physical Assaults in DV 01 2016
Warrantless Seizure of Computer Upheld 11th Circuit 12 2015
Protective Sweep & Legal Req. GA Court of Appeals Causey vs Stte 12 2015
Shooting at Fleeing Vehicles US Supreme Court 11 2015
SRO Use of Force on Students Gray_v_Bostic 11 2015
Terminating Officers Who Break the Law 11 2015
Assaults at DV Calls Legal Update Article 10 2015
Warrantless Grab Unconstituional Moore_v_Pederson 10 2015
Social Media Officer Discipline re Leadership Article 09 2015
Reduce Fear of Crime Increase Support for Police Article 09 2015
Malicisous Prosecution Suites Elmore vs Fulton Co 11th Circuit 082015
Terry Stop Goes too Far Vailey v Vinson 08 2015
Excessive Force Salvato_v_Miley Part II 11th Circuit 07 2015
Excessive Force Salvato_v_Miley Part I 11th Circuit 07 2015
Sexual Harassment & Discrimination 06 2015
Use of Force on Pretrial Detainees US Supreme Ct _Kingsley_v_Hendrickson 06 2015
ADA Apply Dealing with MH Imparied Violent Armed US Sup Ct 05 2015
Consensual Encounters Court of Appeals DC US_v_Gross 05 2015
Hotel Evictions GA Appeals Court Lewis_v_Ritzcarlton 05 2015
Use of Force after Pursuit 11th Circuit Mobley_v_Palmbeachsd 05 2015
Police Ext of Traffic Stop for Dog is Unreasonable US Supreme Court Rodriguez_v_US 04 2015
DUI and Blood Evidence Upheld GA App Court Holland_v_State 03 2015

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