Local & Statewide Training

The Georgia Sheriffs’ Association Training Academy strives to provide advanced, specialized and other quality in-service training opportunities specific to the Office of Sheriff.  No other academy has the experience or expertise to adequately provide training to address these unique mandates and responsibilities.

In addition to GSA training, sheriffs’ offices are encouraged to post their specialized training opportunities on our website.  Often other organizations provide training opportunities that are of interest to sheriffs, deputies and other staff.  These organizations are welcome to post training information on our web, upon approval of the training director.

It is the desire of this academy to promote training that will assist the sheriff and his staff in performing their duties with the highest level of professionalism.  To submit information regarding additional specialized trainings, please send to kslack@georgiasheriffs.org



Upcoming Training Events Offered by Sheriffs’ Offices and Other Organizations

Event Location Contact
 SWAT Level 1 Course
hosted by Coweta County Sheriff’s Office

February 25, 2018 –
March 2, 2018

 Coweta County Sheriff’s Office  Registration:  Captain Warren Campbell wcampbell@coweta.ga.us

Questions:  Capt. Warren Campbell
(770) 294-7614, wcampbell@coweta.ga.us

Major Mark Fenninger
(770) 253-1502, mfenninger@coweta.ga.us

Violence Against Women
and Family Violence Professionals

January 29 – 31, 2018
 Savannah, GA  email: conference@c-mconsulting.com