Support Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes

Change Lives Through Your Support of Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes

Many children in Georgia – through no fault of their own – face overwhelming odds in life. Perhaps one of their parents is in jail. They may have been abused or even abandoned as an infant. Some have been homeless for the majority of their lives.

Whatever the case, these boys and girls are in bad situations through no fault of their own.

And without generous support from caring people, they may never have the chance to mature into responsible adults. Or to break the cycle of dysfunction.

That’s what makes your gifts to Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes so important. It’s not just an investment in the lives of vulnerable, needy children . . . it’s an investment in the very future of our state, because it helps underprivileged children grow to become responsible adults and parents.

Specifically, your gifts fund:

  1. Youth Homes extensive services to young people
  2. The standard operating costs of each of the five Youth Homes
  3. Capital improvements
  4. Endowment

Today, generous support from friends across the state has helped Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes become one of the most widely respected organizations helping the next generation. But we urgently need your support to continue this critical mission. All donations are tax-deductible.