Sheriffs’ Retirement Fund

Serving those who serve. Protecting the future of those who protect.

The Sheriffs’ Retirement Fund of Georgia was created by an act of the Georgia General Assembly in 1963. The purpose of the Fund is to provide a source of revenue for the purpose of providing benefits to the elected officials serving in the capacity of Sheriff of the counties of Georgia.

The goal of the Fund is to help Sheriffs of Georgia prepare for retirement and provide them with peace of mind through the receipt of monthly pension benefits once their retirement goal is reached.


A board composed of the following administers the fund: the Director of the Office of Treasury and Fiscal Services; one former Sheriff who is receiving benefits from the fund; and four active Sheriffs who are members of the fund. All board members are appointed by the Governor of Georgia. The Board is empowered to appoint a Secretary/Treasurer.

The Fund is audited annually by the State Auditor. An actuarial study is performed bi-annually. The Fund also reports to the full Georgia Sheriffs’ Association member Sheriffs annually.


The Georgia General Assembly has allocated $2.00 of every fine collected and bond forfeited, which is at least $5.00, in any criminal or quasi-criminal case of violation of state law, including traffic laws, in which a sheriff or duly authorized deputy acts as sheriff to such court.

The Georgia General Assembly has allocated $1.00 of each civil action including adoptions, charter, certiorari, name registrations, applications for change of name, and all other proceedings of a civil nature filed in the superior, state and magistrate courts in which the sheriff or duly authorized deputy acts as sheriff of such court.

Each member pays dues of $45.00 for each month of creditable service.

Board of Commissioners
Scott Berry – Chairman, Sheriff Oconee County
Bill Hutson – Vice Chairman, Retired Sheriff Cobb County
John G. Carter – Sheriff, Wayne County
Theodore “Ted” Jackson – Sheriff, Fulton County
Randy Shirley – Sheriff, Stephens County
Steve McCoy – State Treasurer

J. Terry Norris – Secretary/Treasurer
Lisa Petty – Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

Our office staff is available Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Sheriffs’ Retirement Fund of Georgia
3000 Highway 42 North
P. O. Box 1000
Stockbridge, GA 30281
Phone: (770) 914-1076
Fax: (770) 914-1179


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GASB 68 proportional share allocation notices expected mailing date will be June 29, 2018. Please contact Lisa Petty at 770-914-1076 with any questions.