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Georgia Sheriffs take a position on Medical Cannabis

The position of the GSA concerning marijuana and medical cannabis is as follows:

  1. OPPOSE the legalization of marijuana for all social, recreational or industrial purposes.
  2. OPPOSE the cultivation of marijuana for all purposes.
  3. SUPPORT the use of chemicals derived from cannabis for medical use for certain well defined serious health conditions.
  4. OPPOSE the medical delivery or application of chemicals derived from cannabis plants through smoking.
  5. OPPOSE legislative proposals where appropriate controls and security measures do not exist and where strict civil and criminal penalties are absent.

Georgia Sheriffs take a position on Body Worn Cameras

The position of the GSA is to aggressively OPPOSE any state mandate requiring that all sheriffs’ offices provide body worn cameras to all deputy sheriffs unless all costs related to the purchase and use of body worn cameras including the collection, storage and retrieval of video images is paid to each sheriff’s office through state funds appropriated specifically or such purpose.

Upcoming Events

Date Event
May 21 Jail Training Officer (JTO)
Jackson County
May 30 Opioid Misuse Enforcement Training
May 31 Hostage Negotiations for Patrol Course
Georgia Public Safety Training Center
Jun 4 CHAMPS Instructor Training (80 Hours)
Henry County
Jun 7 Responding to Alzheimer's for Public Safety
Georgia National Fairgrounds
Jun 21 Legislative Overview
Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council

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