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About the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association

The mission of the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association is to promote and further professionalize the Office of Sheriff in order to enhance public safety throughout Georgia.

Since its beginning in 1954, the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association has engaged in a variety of activities and provided many services:

  • Annual training events for Georgia sheriffs and related personnel, and other valuable crime prevention programs.
  • Advocacy at the Georgia General Assembly for tough crime control measures and laws that promote professionalism and enhanced effectiveness of your Office of Sheriff.
  • Sponsor of the Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes, which provides full-time residential care for the abused, abandoned, and neglected children in the state.

Membership in the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association is comprised of Georgia’s 159 elected sheriffs.  The Georgia Sheriffs’ Association also relies on the financial support of nearly 70,000 Honorary Members who believe in the Office of Sheriff and its mission to preserve the peace in our communities.

Learn more about becoming an Honorary Member of the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association.