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Join the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association and enjoy all the member benefits – like our quarterly publication, The Georgia Sheriff, a membership card, bumper sticker and window decal!

It’s so easy to join, and all gifts are tax deductible! Plus you’ll enjoy all of the special membership benefits! Your gift will go right to work to help the 159 sheriffs throughout Georgia who provide safety and security to you and your family. Sheriffs rely on the support from nearly 70,000 Honorary Members who support our programs and goals.

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What are the Levels of Membership?

Honorary Membership (for Individuals) – Annual Dues $20

Law Enforcement (for Sheriff’s Office Staff) – Annual Dues $20

Business Membership (for Businesses) – Annual Dues $50

Benefits include:

  • One-year subscription to our quarterly magazine, The Georgia Sheriff
  • Membership Card
  • Bumper Sticker
  • Window Decal
  • Opportunity to purchase a members-only GSA front bumper auto tag

Corporate Membership (for Corporations and Vendors) – Annual Dues $1,200

Requires approval from the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association Board of Directors.  Submit your request for approval

Your organization can benefit from a Corporate Membership if you:

  • Supply products, information, or services to the sheriffs of Georgia
  • Want to stay informed of the current needs and trends in law enforcement
  • Wish to support the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association
  • Wish to support Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes

Corporate Membership Entitles your Company to:

  • 20% discount when advertising in GSA Directory and conference exhibits
  • Your company’s name listed in the sheriffs’ directory and displayed at conferences
  • One-year subscription to The Georgia Sheriff magazine
  • Two auto tags and decals
  • Membership card
  • Window decals
  • Special exhibitor credentials indicating corporate membership

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