Civil Process Division

The Georgia Sheriffs’ Association created the Civil Process Division to promote basic and advanced training in the area of civil process, as well as increase the networking capabilities between those deputies whose primary job is the service of civil process.

The Civil Process Division provides technical assistance to sheriffs’ offices as it pertains to the service of civil process, assist with issues involving compliance with the law, disseminate civil process information, and facilitate the standardization of civil process statewide through the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association.

Civil Process Training Seminar

The Georgia Sheriffs’ Association Civil Process Division conducts an annual seminar devoted exclusively to civil process topics.  The training is a popular source of training for deputy sheriffs who wish to expand their knowledge in this specialized area.

GSA Civil Process Division Advisory Committee

The Civil Process Advisory Committee consists of a representative from each of Georgia’s ten regions, two at-large members and two GSA staff members.  Committee members serve as a point of contact for civil process questions and concerns within their respective region and assist in the annual civil process training seminar.  Note:  The Advisory Committee is currently being reconstructed.

If you have any questions about the Civil Process Division please contact GSA – Brent Loeffler or Tonia Welch.