Jail Management


One of the GSA’s missions is to augment professionalism in the management and operations of Georgia’s jails. The mission will be accomplished by enhancing GSA’s jail technical services, provide specialized educational opportunities, and increase communication among sheriffs and jail officers throughout the state.
There are three major functions of the Jail Management Division.

Jail Management and Operations:  Safe, Efficient Solutions for Jails

There are 148 jails that house over 42,000 inmates throughout the state. Operational responsibility for county jails is the sole responsibility of the sheriff.  In addition to protecting the public and jail staff from dangerous criminals, federal and state laws require that sheriffs must provide for the safety, health, and welfare of inmates housed in county jails.

In 1997, the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association launched its Jail Services Program for two key reasons:

  1. To ensure that sheriffs and jail officers can maintain the safest, most efficient work environment possible; and,
  2. To ensure that constitutional mandates for the design and operation of county jails are met.

Today, the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association continues to provide services to augment jail management, operations and standards within the sheriff’s office.

To achieve these goals, the GSA Training Division offers:

  • Planning
  • Staffing Analysis
  • Jail Transition and Logistics Planning
  • Model Jail Policy and Procedure Manual
  • Standards for the Design, Operation and Administration of Georgia’s Jails

Jail Management Advisory Committee

The Jail Management Advisory Committee is comprised of a jail officer from each of GSA’s ten geographic regions, two sheriffs, and members of GSA’s Training Division. The committee functions include:
  • Serve as a point of contact for jail management, operations and training questions or concerns within their respective regions. The committee members will rely on the GSA’s Training Division’s expertise in responding appropriately to these inquiries;
  • Identifying problems or issues within the state, involving the operations and management of the jail for training purposes; and
  • Disseminating information via email from the GSA Jail Management Division to members of the organization in their respective regions.
Georgia Sheriffs’ Association
2016 Jail Management Advisory Committee
Region One Lt. Emmit Tate (Jail Support Services)
706-876-1487; 706-463-9956 (cell)
Whitfield County
Region Two Vacant
Region Three Capt. Marcus Sewell (Jail Administrator)
706-482-2619; 706-9747029 (cell)
Lumpkin County
Region Four Maj. Christie Webb (Jail Administrator)
706-628-4211; 706-457-2085 (cell)
Harris County
Region Five Capt. Tony Trice (Jail Administrator)
478-825-5144 x 33; 478-256-2939 (cell)
Peach County
Region Six Capt. Corey King
478-357-5156 (cell)
Washington County
Region Seven Col. John Ostrander
229-430-6508; 229-886-9493 (cell)
Dougherty County
Region Eight Vacant
Region Nine Rob Mastroianni (Jail Administrator)
912-552-3572 (cell)
Camden County
Region Ten Donella Peacock (Jail Administrator)
478-697-8620 (cell)
Laurens County
Sheriffs Sheriff Terry Deese
478-825-2507; 478-256-7409 (cell)
Peach County
GSA Tonia Welch, Training Director
770-914-1076; 912-222-9099 (cell)
Bill Hallsworth, Jail & Court Services Coordinator
770-914-1076; 770-500-0039 (cell)
Brent Loeffler, Specialized Training Coordinator
770-914-1076; 229-254-0560 (cell)




Staff Development Training

Operational effectiveness is dependent on well-trained jail staff. GSA continues to offer the Basic Jail Officer Training courses.


Basic Jail Officer Course (80 hours): Prepares jail officers to perform required responsibilities in a professional manner and meets requirements for the state-mandated POST Jail Officer Certification.

Basic Jail Officer Course for Certified Deputies (45 Hours): A streamlined version of the 80-hour course for certified deputies only. Meets training requirements for certified peace officers to obtain the state mandated POST Jail O
fficer Certification.

Basic Jail Officer Course for Certified Correctional Officers (24 Hours): Certified correctional officers can meet training requirements for the state-mandated POST Jail Officer Certification in this course.

Click here for the dates and locations of upcoming Basic Jail Officer Courses.

We have expanded our educational opportunities to include:
  • Jail Management Conference
    Leadership, management, and operational strategies are vital to ensuring the safety, security and good order of the jail. This annual conference provides insight to sheriffs, jail administrators, and jail supervisory personnel on these important issues.  This annual seminar will provide jail staff with management techniques which will improve the operational effectiveness of the jail.
  • Jail Training and Evaluation Program (JTEP) and the Jail Training Officer (JTO)
    The Jail Training and Evaluation Program marks a significant “raising of the bar” in the area of jail training and overall jail operations in Georgia.  This program is designed to provide knowledge and skills to new employees which in turn will provide for a much more effective and efficient workplace.  JTEP includes the model Jail Training Officer program for qualified jail officers who will deliver standardized training and evaluation of newly-hired jail officers.  The objectives of this program are to produce a well trained, motivated and capable jail officer to excel and perhaps move up within the ranks and take on leadership positions and increase the officer’s operational readiness.  Graduates of the Jail Training Officer (JTO) certification class earn Georgia POST certification as a JTO.
  • In-Service Training
    In-service training lesson plans and Powerpoints are available to supplement the sheriffs’ offices’ in-service training offered to the jail staff.

For additional information, please contact Bill Hallsworth, Coordinator, Court and Jail Services at 770-914-1076.